Quality Kydex Holsters



I now have several holsters that CTS has made for me all of them are outstanding. Whether you are trying to stand out in competition, make a statement with a great looking outside the waistband holster, or just want a concealed carry. This is one less piece of gear you have to worry about no matter if it's when the buzzer goes off or it's a bump in the night you know it will work each and every time.


...build quality is exactly what you’re looking for! Great work Brett!

...for a while now and have had a hard time finding a holster that fit my needs...5 stars in customer service and 5 stars in quality! I no longer have a need to look elsewhere! Not to mention, his prices are WAY below competition for the same quality product!! 


Hitting it out of the park yet again.


I've used mine every day since I got it. Great quality and super comfortable. Would definitely recommend to others!