IWB Single Mag Carrier

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Our single mag carrier is the perfect solution for those looking to be able to easily and comfortably conceal extra rounds. Both our single-stack and 9/40 double-stack are universal and come with a Mag Retention Device, making sure your mags are secure.

*Please note that our double-stack mags do not fit 45acp/10mm double-stack magazines. 

Standard features include:

Customization options include:

  • Your choice of a variety of  colors and patterns
  • Belt clip options:
    • Wide Belt Clip (FOMI): Ideal for those looking to carry while wearing a belt. The wider design helps distribute the weight of the holster across a slightly wider area.
    • Wide Belt-less Clip (DCC Monoblock): Has the ability to clip directly to your pants, but is does not have a tuckable feature.

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