Outside-the-Waistband Holsters

CTS holsters offers a variety of different styles of outside-the-waistband holsters that can fit the needs of any type of work you plan on putting it through.

  • Delta Holster: Ideal for those who are looking for a second level of retention for their holster, whether that is for hiking out in the woods or working in the line of duty.
  • Romeo Holster: The original outside-the-waistband style holster. Great for outdoor adventures, training days at the range, and even concealing under an outer layer.
  • Sierra Holster: Designed specifically for those who are looking to shoot competitively.
  • Tango Holster: Ideal for those who may need a drop offset to keep out of the way of lumbar straps on backpacks, working in the line of duty when secondary retention is not required, or a day training at the range.

OWB Holsters are a custom holster and can take 2-4 weeks to ship, as each holster is hand made to order. Please refer to banner for current lead times.

**You can filter for light-bearing or non light-bearing products if needed.