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When concealment and comfort are critical, you need a holster that will deliver. The Charlie Holster is a traditional inside-the-waistband holster with standard features that include:

  • Full sweat-guard
  • Adjustable retention
  • Adjustable cant
  • Tuck-able (excluding FOMI option)
  • Optic Cut
  • Lifetime warranty

Customizable options include:

  • Concealment Wing: Help hold the holster closer to the body - minimizing printing and helping improve comfort
  • Belt Attachment options:
    • Wide Belt Clip (FOMI): Ideal for those looking to carry while wearing a belt. The wider design helps distribute the weight of the holster across a slightly wider area.
    • Narrow Belt Clip (J-clip): Similar function as the wide belt clip, but the narrow design helps to minimize printing.
    • Wide Belt-less Clip (FabriClip): Perfect for those who want to carry while wearing yoga pants, leggings, and dress pants. Works well with more delicate fabric, but can be used with any. Clips directly to your pants.
    • Narrow Belt-less Clip (UltiClip): Similar to the FabriClip, but with a smaller surface area. Works well with more durable fabrics, such as jeans, but can be used with any.
This is a custom holster and is handmade to order. Please refer to the banner for current lead times.